Employee Ski Benefit Program

If your ski area needs more ISAA Cards, please go to our ‘Contact Us’ page. Please submit quantity requested and shipping address.

 1. Courtesy benefits apply only to mountain related jobs. Food services are included if operated by the mountain. Excluded are: Hotel services, formal restaurants and bars. Benefits are for full time employees only.

2. Courtesy cards allow employees to ski at participating member areas at half price of the regular day pass rate.

3. Any and all courtesy privileges are at the discretion of the area being visited. Special day or week events may preclude area from offering any consideration of any kind.

4. Holiday periods are excluded (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years’ weeks, Presidents weekend and Easter vacation week).

5. Card must show “week of” date and is valid only during that period. Card must be surrendered to cashier at time ticket is issued. Employee must show current resort employee I.D. (and picture I.D. if not on employee I.D.)

6. Maximum of four (4) cards will be issued to any employee during season and no more than two (2) days can be spent at any one area by any employee during the season.

7. Card show job title of the employee and must be signed by one of two authorized area officials

stolen ski program

Reward posters will continue to be provided at no charge to area members. ISAA will pay $100 to each member area documenting the “arrest and conviction” of someone as a result of stolen ski equipment. Posters will leave insertion amount offered for reward up to each individual area, as some areas may wish to offer more than $100 reward.

Guidelines for racers and coaches

Areas have their own discretion, but ISAA recommends that for sanctioned races the following guidelines apply. (1) Racers are given half price of the day rate, on day of race; (2) One comp pass is given to coaches for each eight races registered.